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View across Penobscot Bay toward the Camden Hills
Penobscot Bay is one of the premier destinations for sailors from around the world. Having spent many happy
hours on a few of the islands of the Bay, you can imagine my delight when friends of Peggy’s and mine suggested a
Penobscot Bay cruise. For me it was more than a great sailing experience, it was a chance to create resource mate-
rial for paintings, from views of isolated, rarely-painted islands to lobster boats and windjammers that ply the Bay
well out of sight of mainland artists.
Our trip began in Camden. From there we sailed south to Tenants Harbor, then across the mouth of the Bay
to Isle au haut, stopping off on Brimstone Island to run fingers over its legendary sea-polished beach stones. We
then went up the eastern side of the Bay and into the Stonington Thoroughfare through one of the most pictur-
esque groupings of islands to be found anywhere in the world, and a veritable painting mecca for an island-loving
Among the anchorages that week was old friend Great Spruce Head Island, which we beat to on a cold, blus-
tery day from Warren Island in the Islesboro chain. It was a day that ended with a spectacular sunset once we were
securely anchored in the island cove. There we visited with Anina Porter Fuller and other artist friends who were
staying in the Big House, and also with Elizabeth who was on a creative sabbatical on the island. To the delight of
our crew, Elizabeth came aboard for cocktails with a couple of wedges of artisanal chevre smothered in olive oil and
assorted herbs.
It was a spectacular trip overall, although not without its hairy moments, such as a nighttime, wind-induced
dragged anchor amongst the many lobster boats in Stonington Harbor, a mishap I wouldn’t wish on any sailor. And
while our cruising friends moved on to other chapters in their lives, for me it was the beginning of a trip I was yet
to take on stretched canvas and 300 lb. Arches watercolor paper, the results of which appear on the following pages.
The Ar t o f Sa i l i ng : Mi chae l Weymou t h
8 / 9 Looking west acros the Bay to the Camden Hills.
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