It was back in the era of the Kingston Trio and Pete Seeger when I picked up a banjo and learned to play by ear in
the old Appalachian claw hammer style. You hook your hand like a claw, push down and then pluck up. I played
with a band along with my friends on fiddle, washtub bass and guitar. I collected banjos and although I eventually
played banjo professionally, made an album, appeared on TV and performed at colleges, I will be remembered on
Monhegan Island more for my art than my banjo playing.
I first came out to Monhegan as an art student in 1957. I converted an existing studio into a small cottage/
studio where I could paint all summer. Later on I conducted plein air workshops in both oils and watercolors which
I did for forty years. In 1980 I bought Jay Connaway’s home and built a studio/gallery on the property. The Mon-
hegan studio/gallery is open during the summer months. My wife and I lived on Monhegan year-round for ten
years, but now we divide our time between Monhegan and Exter, N.H.
Don St one
Painter, Musician: Monhegan Island; Exeter, New Hampshire
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