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I run the Port Clyde Fresh Catch and Donnie has managed the Lobster Coop for 18 years. We grew up together on
these docks. Our dads were involved in starting the Lobster Coop back in ’69. This dragger fishing boat is named
Capt’n Lee for my father. His work was more diverse back then as he went for everything: lobster, scallops, shrimp
and any kind of fish that was out there. He also built boats in his free time. A few years back the Capt’n Lee broke
loose from her mooring in 50 knot winds. She was drifting out at sea for 35 hours. The Coast Guard flew a jet out
and found her 87 miles away. The black box showed us where she’d gone. A northeast wind had caught her and
steered her past 17 ledges and islands. Some of the passages were so narrow and tight, it was as if my dad, who’d
passed away years ago, had been at the wheel. She never hit land and was as good as she is today.
Randy Cushman and Donn i e Schwab
Port Clyde Fresh Catch and Lobster Coop; Port Clyde
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