We wish to thank the many people who played a role in this
book. Our thanks must begin with Anina Porter Fuller for in-
spiring countless artists, including the two of us, through her
20-year art week program held on Great Spruce Head Island
each summer. We thank Art Week chef Barney Stein for his
magnificent meals, and the Porter Family for its generosity
in allowing us to write, paint, photograph and explore Great
Spruce Head Island.
Thanks to Gordon Bok for sharing his music with us as
well as his magnificent wood carvings.
Thanks to Monhegan artist Don Stone, to Jessica Stevens,
Kathleen Reardon and Port Clyde residents Randy Cushman
and Donnie Schwab for appearing in the book, and also to
kayackers Bob Arledge, Bob Dawson and Mike Marino for
entertaining us with eskimo rolls in the cold waters of Mon-
hegan harbor.
We thank the early morning personnel at the Islesboro ferry
dock for letting us photograph in a snow storm and on the
Monhegan Island ferry in early summer.
Michael would like to thank his wife Peggy and the other
crew members of
, Chip and Barbara Angle, King and
Leigh Sorenson and Stan Barnes for putting up with his re-
quests to steer the boat this way and that for the perfect shot.
And another special thanks to Peggy Weymouth for her
help in editing our book, and for her willingness and patience
in taking over the Weymouth family reins during the many
months it took to produce the book.
Acknow l edg ement s